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ISLP Vietnam AMPM Project — (2023)




Local college students, children and teenagers in Vietnam

Fundraising Target


Fundraising Period

1 April 2023 - 30 September 2023

In 2005, the Hong Kong Red Cross Youth & Volunteer Department launched the International Humanitarian Service Leadership Programme (ISLP), aimed at cultivating college students into young humanitarian leaders.


The "Vietnam Dengue Fever and Food Insecurity Project" was initiated by a goup of like-minded students of the Red Cross youth first student committee members, who will lead a team organized by univertisity students to provide humanitarian services in the local area. The project will be entirely managed by the team. Through early preparations, they will proactively learn about humanitarian issues in Vietnam and will equip themselves with relevant service knowledge to promote mosquito awareness an raise local awareness of food security.


After returning to Hong Kong, the volunteers will share their experiences and insights with other college students.


Duration: around 12 days

Number of particpants: around 20

Service target: children and teenagers in Vietnam


Pre-trip preparation:

  1. Colleborat with Vietnam Red Cross Society
  2. Discuss and prepare the details of the service Participate in workshops and training to equip participants


On-trip work:

  1. Promote food safety
  2. Promote the prevention of dengue fever
  3. Participate in local volunteer services
  4. Interact with local volunteers, local university students, and Vietnam Red Cross


Experience sharing:

  1. By sharing their volunteer service in Vietnam with the public, to raise public awareness towards the humanitarian issue in Vietnam
  2. By making exhibition boards and charit sale of local souvenirs, to share personal experiences and gains


Through organizing different activities, the volunteer program helps college students enhance their abilities and broaden their horizons, while also increasing their concern for humanitarian issues in Vietnam. Please support the International Humanitarian Service Leadership Program, and facilitate students to develop caring and concern projects on humanitarian issues by planning, organizing and implementing services locally and overseas services, so as to nurture the youth as a power of humanitarian service.