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Chronic Disease Management Service for Elderly (CDME) – 5-day Instant Meal Pack




100 elderlies

Fundraising Target


Fundraising Period

1 Jan 2021 – 30 Sept 2021

Chronic disease is a long haul impediment that cripples one's daily activities. For the elderlies who need to commute every day for supplies and food, having chronic diseases no doubt dampers their ability to travel. Clashing with the restrictions of the pandemic, commuting has never been a tougher task.


Since 2014, the Hong Kong Red Cross’ Chronic Disease Management Service for Elderly (CDME) project has served over 1,100 elderlies. To cater the situation of elderlies with limited mobility encountered many difficulties heading out to buy food, especially due to the recent outbreak of COVID 19, we are now calling for donations of HK$25,000 to prepare a “5-day Instant Meal Pack” for over 100 elderlies.


The Meal Pack includes noodle packs, instant oatmeal, canned chicken breasts, mixed vegetable packs, potato mixed grain rice, and cooked rice with chicken fillet for the elderly’s use in case of emergency. These food are considered for their nutrient values, they would be packaged and delivered directly to the elderly.


These instant meal packs will be distributed to the elderly who live in remote areas, far from shops or restaurants, or suffers from physical immobility. Moreover, we also share tips relating to healthy diets and provide lists of nutritious food for home storage during our visits.


Please donate and enable us to support the elderly who are in need!