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Beat the Life Rhythm, let the physically handicapped children shine!




26 physically handicapped students with autism or autistic features as well as emotional and behavioural problems

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1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

Music can be a source of pleasure and contentment, but there are many other psychological benefits as well. Being widely adopted in musical therapies, how can we apply it to help students with special needs?


Last year, the Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre (JFKC) provided weekly training sessions to 20 students. The results were very encouraging which it was not only good for lifting the students’ mood, but also beneficial for their emotional needs as it encouraged them to express feelings and developed their self-confidence. As the number of physically handicapped students in the JFKC is increasing, the school plans to employ an outreach music therapist to conduct individual and group music therapy sessions as well as to lead a percussion band at the school. The program will support 26 students for 23 weeks (8 hours a week). Moreover, the participating students will perform on-stage in school, which will help to develop their self-confidence and further enhance their communication skills.


Music therapy is music performance without the ego. It’s not about entertainment as much as it is about empathizing. We believe that we can use music to ease pain and gather insight into the workings of someone else’s mind, we can begin to fix a problem. Please support us and let the physically handicapped children unleash their potential and shine!