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Chronic Disease Management Service for Elderly (CDME) – Out-Patient escort service




Elderly supported by the CDME service but are in need of one-off out-patient escort service

Fundraising Target


Fundraising Period

1 Jan 2021 – 31 March 2022

The crisis of Hong Kong’s hidden and forgotten elderly is continuing to grow as our population ages. In response to this urgent and increasing crisis, the Hong Kong Red Cross has developed “Chronic Disease Management Service for the Elderly (CDME)” in 2014. The project has served over 1,100 elderly. We hope this unique “door-to-door” service encourage the at-risk elderly to well manage their physical and psychological health at home in order to further delay health deterioration.


When elderly face abrupt change of health and/or environment issues, they may have unexpected need of escort service for their medical appointment.


“I can’t read and with limited mobility. I feel totally helpless while I go to the clinic every time. I will feel more secured if someone could accompany me” Said Grandma Chan who is 80 years old, user of CDME service.


Thank you for the generous supports from donors, the fundraising target has been achieved. Because of you, we could provide the humanitarian services to the people in need continuously.