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1 Jan 2021 – 31 March 2022

In the past ten years, 83% of all disasters triggered by natural hazards were caused by extreme climate-related events, including droughts, floods and cyclones that directly affect 1.7 billion people, and more than 410,000 people were killed. At the same time, secondary threats such as food shortage, disease outbreaks, and disrupted livelihood should not be underestimated.


Across southern Africa, 11 million people are experiencing food shortages, lack of water and disease outbreaks, etc. Due to drought, people in Lesotho, one of the African countries, cannot grow crops and their livestock die. The health and livelihood of local communities are greatly jeopardized. “I’m drawing water from this spring on the side of the road because the water system in our village dried out. People line up here at 4 to 5 o’clock every morning. Some of them go to the mountain to take water for another source which takes an hour to walk to.” Nneheiyg Smith, who lives in the drought-affected Lesotho, said.


In Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands displaced people fled from Myanmar are staying in crowded makeshift shelters. During the monsoon season from June to September every year, even a weak cyclone could cause huge damage to the camps settlements. Abdul Motaleb, living in the camps, said, “water keeps dripping from the roof, and my family and I can not sleep at all throughout the night. During the day, the flood makes it difficult for us to walk to the temporary toilet, let alone getting water from the sanitary facilities.”


The fragile lives have critical needs, ranging from emergency shelter, food and nutrition support, health and psychosocial support, fresh water, sanitation, long-term support on recovery and building resilience capacity, etc. Multiplied by the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, these needs are becoming more and more pressing.


To assist the affected population and build the resilience of those in the most vulnerable situation, Hong Kong Red Cross has been providing emergency assistance and supporting disaster preparedness for climate-related emergencies around the globe. Please donate and bring hope to the vulnerable groups.