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Support “Red Cross Little Buddies”, and let more deprived students jump out of the box!




A total of 150 deprived students in 2 years

Fundraising Target


Fundraising Period

1 Oct 2022 - 31 March 2023

“Red Cross Little Buddies” aims to support Primary 1- 2 students from low-income families, to develop their humanitarian value, leadership skills, health awareness, discipline and volunteerism in the early stage of personal development.  Engaging and exploring in different activities broadening their global vision and civic responsibility fields.


Little Buddies members participate in team activities, allow them to learn how to get along with others and build team spirit, activies including:


Basic first aid skills learning and first aid competition -  Enhance personal resilience skill of Little Buddies members to prepare for emergency scenarios

Community services - Arise the awareness of the Little Buddies members on the needs of the underprivileged and also the avavilability of community resources to foster their spirit of voluntary service

Knotting and drill learning - Little Buddies members learn knotting skills with parents and then complete tasks together

Parent-Child Day Camp - By getting along, parents can have a better  understanding and assist their children and enhance parent-child interactions

Seven-Challenge Day - Through humanitarian, disaster preparedness, fire prevention, first aid, psychological support, healthy eating and sign language games and experiential activities, Little Buddies members will learn more about Red Cross service and principles in an interesting way and enhance members awareness of the importance of protecting life and health and learn ways to protect themselves.


By providing education and creating a conducive environment in which student can learn more actively, positively, and meaningfully in their development. Through participation in this program, members can familiarize with teamwork, get to know the community and be more aware of global humanitarian issues. Please donate generously so that more students in need can participate in the “Red Cross Little Buddies” journey.