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Humanitarian Assistance and Protection for People on the Move




Migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other displaced populations

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1 Oct 2022 - 31 March 2023

"My return to my home village has only been a dream which would never come true. I have come to a permanent internally displaced person in my country, living from hand to mouth with the little savings we had and depending on others." said Bitou, a mother of 7, internally displaced in Cameroon due to armed conflict.


Every day, people in any part of the world are forced to migrate and displaced due to conflict and violence, persecution and human rights violations, disasters and the effects of climate change. The vulnerable are often denied equitable humanitarian assistance and protection; consequently, their safety, dignity and rights are threatened.


  • More than 280 million international migrants- 48.1% are female and around 15% are under 20 years old
  • More than 80 million forcibly displaced people- of these people, 26 million are refugees and 4.2 million are asylum seekers
  • 24 million people displaced due to disasters by extreme weather events every year- such as floods, storms and earthquakes devastate communities and often lead to long-term displacement
  • In 2021, more than 2,400 people lost their lives during dangerous migration journeys.


International Red Cross supports people on the move to save lives and prevent suffering through the Provision of Essential Services, including providing food, non-food items, emergency shelter, water and sanitation, first aid, health and psychosocial support. Meanwhile, we also offer specialized referrals,  mental health, child protection, prevention of sexual and gender-based violence and anti-trafficking and help in Restoring Family Links (RFL).


Hong Kong Red Cross has supported the vulnerable People on Move in Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar Somalia, Syria and Ukraine through different life-saving humananitarian projects and deployment of staff and volunteers. 


Your immediate action is very essential. Please donate now in responding to the humanitarian crisis, and bring home and hope to the affected population!