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Red Cross Youth International Exchange Program




Support 25 needy student to join the overseas trip

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Fundraising Period

1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

As a member of the International Red Cross movement, the Hong Kong Red Cross strives to organize various overseas exchange activities for youth members and volunteers at different stages. These activities include visits, collaboration with local youth, workshops, thematic learning, and participation in international conferences.


2023 Exchange Program (Finished):

  1. Jumpa Bakti Gembira Nasional PMR IX 2023
  2. 10,000 miles Friendship Trek 2023- Beijing, Shanghai, Wusih
  3. Red Cross Youth Hong Kong- Japan Disaster Preparedness Exchange
  4. Summer Camp Gathering for East Asia Red Cross Youth members- Mongolia


We are convinced that through planning and participation in exchange activities, young people can enhance their sensitivity on international humanitarian issues and their understanding of different cultures, broaden the knowledge base, points of views and horizons of young people. More importantly, through exchange activities, young people from all over the world can share the knowledge of local culture and the Red Cross Movement, learn from each other, establish friendships, and become the starting point for future youth networking.


The program facilitates students to develop caring and concern projects on humanitarian issues. As a group of new power, they spread the message about humanity to their peers and the general public in Hong Kong so as to raise their awareness about different humanitarian issues. They can then present positive impact to change the world.

Please support the Red Cross Youth International Exchange Program and encourage young people to engage in humanitarian exploration and caring actions, thus cultivating them to become advocates for humanitarian service.