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Urban resilience project in Bangladesh




Urban communities in Dhaka South City Coproration (DSCC) with approximately 3,000 people to be reached

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1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

In the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, over 230 million population living in the urban community  of Dhaka. Due to the lack of the land in the urban area, the vulnerable groups can only live in the crowded and packed living environment with insufficient hygiene facilities and adverse hygiene.


Here are the situations facing by the slum community:

  • Heatwave, fire incidents, floods and earthquake are major disaster risks due to dense population, cramped living condition & unsafe building structure.
  • Women, children, aged people, and the people with disabilities in general and the vulnerable communities (lower-caste people of slum population) suffer the most at times of the calamities and hazards and tend to have feeble mitigation planning.
  • Ward Disaster Management Committees (WDMCs) are non-functional/ not fully functioned. Lacking capacity to fulfill urban demands in disaster preparedness.


Hong Kong Red Cross will work with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society with the technical support of German Red Cross Society to launch the Urban Resilience Project to strengthen urban resilience in most vulnerable communities through series of training , activities.

Through Disaster Preparedness Training, educational sessions, it is expected that urban communities are better prepared against urban hazards and can respond autonomously.


In addition, the project target to enhance the capacity of local institutions through training and collaborations for better humanitarian response.


The project will be long for 12 months.