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Mobility Equipment Loan Service – “Door-to-door” delivery (DTD)




Helping disadvantaged groups in need of mobility aids rental services

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1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

The HKRC has been offering MEL Service since 1975, to provide high-quality and low-rent mobility equipment.  In response to the rapidly changing epidemic situation, the “Door-to-door” delivery (DTD) service was kicked off in early 2021, the delivery fee and part of the rental are waived for eligible cases, so as to help the elderly and low-income families improve their mobility during the rehabilitation period and reduce the financial burden of the applicants and caretakers.


We are fully aware the importance of equipment safety and are committed to provide safe and suitable mobility aids. We will learn a user's special need and provide proper mobility equipment accordingly. Every rental wheelchair and equipment is under whole disinfection, cleaning, inspection and repair process to maintain the safety and quality standard.


Mr Poon, aged 72, had a stroke which affected the right side of his whole body. After a head surgery, he has difficulty maintaining balance when walking. He usually relies on a cane to move around and is afraid to leave home for fear of falling. Through the “Door to Door Delivery Service”, we have delivered a wheelchair to Mr Poon’s home, and waive the delivery fee and partial rental to release his financial burdens. Now, he can use the wheelchair as his legs for a leisurely walk or medical appointments. With his mobility improved and his social life back, Mr Poon smiles again.


Ms. Luk, a 98-year-old elder living alone, broke her thighbone when using the washroom in the middle of the night. Her son, Mr. Chan, intended to buy a commode chair for her, but the cost of the commode  was too high for this family to afford. During a home visit, a social worker learned the risky setting of the makeshift “commode” and referred Ms. Luk to the “Door to Door” delivery service of the HKRC. Our staff delivered the equipment directly to the user’s home and demonstrated the appropriate way of using the equipment.


The DTD service has been incorporated into the existing MEL service, please donate and support MEL service, help the vulnerable groups. With your staunch support, we are able to maintain the service in supporting the sick and temporarily disabled, both physically and mentally.