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Humanitarian Assistance and Protection for People on the Move




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1 April 2023 - 30 September 2023

"The earthquake has left us with nothing. My sons and daughters got cold and got sick because we did not have any place to keep them warm. We had a water well which was also destroyed by earthquake and now we don't have drinking and clean water," said Muhammad Ishaq, an Afghan father of 12 who lost his house in earthquake and had to face extreme winter conditions in temporary shelters after displacement.


It is estimated that 103 million people around the world are forced to leave their homes out of which 36.5 million are children. Violence, persecution, conflict, poverty, natural disasters and climate change continue to force people to flee. People on the move face extraordinary risks to their lives, safety, dignity, and well-being.


More than 50,000 migrants are known to have died worldwide during the dangerous journey since 2014, with more than half of them documented along the Mediterranean routes. The Central Mediterranean route from North Africa to Italy remains one of the most dangerous routes for people crossing to Europe by sea. Dr. Jenny Chu, a medical volunteer from Hong Kong Red Cross, joined the International Red Cross's rescue mission in Mediterranean Sea. She recounted meeting a man who failed to tell his age. The man initially fled to escape conflicts in South Sudan, only to be forced to work in mines. Eventually he managed to escape and boarded the rescue ship.


"He is probably around 16 years old by estimation yet appeared to be in his thirties. Years of forced labour had made him unaware of the passage of time, which is truly heartbreaking."


The International Red Cross supports people on the move to save lives and prevent suffering via the provision of food, hygiene items, tents, medical and cash assistance. Additional protection support is also provided including mental health, child protection, prevention of sexual and gender-based violence and anti-trafficking, as well as support in restoring family links.


Hong Kong Red Cross has supported vulnerable people on the move in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Ukraine and Syria through different life-saving humanitarian projects and deployment of staff and volunteers. Your support can help bring them a little hope. Please donate to support our humanitarian work.