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1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

Emergencies usually come all of a sudden and may cause loss of life, and physical or psychological trauma to the affected persons. They may lose the sense of control, security and feel helpless.


”Shall We Talk” Psychological Support Service provides timely psychological support and Psychological First Aid service to reduce the emotional distress and sufferings of vulnerable people and carers, who are affected by disasters or emergencies, and to foster their adaptive functioning and coping.


The Psychological Support Services of the HKRC are handled by Professional Clinical Psychologists and trained Psychological Support Service volunteers. We listen, care, connect and provide practical assistance to stabilise the emotions and increase the sense of security of those affected. Psychological First Aid can also provide effective information to manage psychological distress after a critical incident. Where appropriate, Psychological First Aiders will refer those affected to other service providers in the community when needed.


For those who would like to receive our “Shall We Talk Services”, Please  contact us on WhatsApp or fill in the service application form


Please donate and bring hope to the vulnerable groups to continue this work.