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Expressive Arts Therapy “Hold hands with U”




Physically handicapped students with emotional and behavioural problems

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1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024

Children with special learning needs require a deeper understanding and a listening ear. Art creation provides an entryway for us to enter their world and connect with them.


Art therapy is a unique form of psychological treatment where therapists create a safe environment for children to express and communicate their emotions and thoughts using various art mediums such as visual arts, dance and movement, drama, music, and writing. Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School aims to hire art therapists who will use different intervention techniques to provide 20 weeks of therapy and training (once a week) for children with physical disabilities. This therapy aims to help them express themselves and enhance their social skills. Through weekly sessions, we encourage these children to tap into their imagination and find calmness, enabling them to better understand and interpret their surroundings and emotional states. Furthermore, through showcases and art books, their artwork can be shared with the public, boosting their self-confidence.


Art therapy helps children with special needs to alleviate suffering, build self-confidence, resilience, and most importantly, understand the importance of expressing emotions and feelings.


Please make a generous donation to give them the opportunity to discover their unique talents and worth, and empower them towards a brighter future.