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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis




People affected by Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

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1 October 2023 - 31 March 2024

"Our balcony, windows and the wall were gone. Everything in the room was destroyed,” recalled Kateryna.” The home Kateryna shared with her two children in Ukraine was shattered by a missile.


More than one and a half years since the escalation of conflict in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has left behind unsurmountable suffering, death, and destruction.


Currently, almost 11 million people remain internally displaced in Ukraine or have fled to Europe as refugees. Some of those who fled months ago are now finding themselves struggling, with their resources depleted. People who remain at home in Ukraine face immense uncertainty, not knowing from one day to the next if they will be safe. Whether they choose to settle life in a new country or stay in Ukraine like Kateryna, their situation is incalculably difficult impacted, and they are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.


It is estimated that approximately 17.6 million people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Many people in Ukraine are living in damaged homes or buildings that do not protect from the extreme cold. Communities are without power, running water and heating in parts of the country, with many struggling to stay warm and access water and food. In addition, affected communities are facing the immense stress and negative psychological impacts brought by conflict and new environment with different cultures.


The Red Cross continues to address the increasing humanitarian needs with emergency and long-term assistance. More than 128,000 Red Cross volunteers and staff have been mobilized to deliver humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and bordering countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania for children, refugees and internally displaced people.


“We fixed our home and came back. Now we are safe and sound. That’s the most important thing.” said Kateryna. With the support from the International Red Cross, Kateryna and her family received cash assistance to repair their home. Now, Kateryna and her kids can stay safe and warm during winter.


In Romania, the Red Cross has set up intercultural centres that provide meals, health services, psychosocial support, and language classes for parents and children. These centres provide a space to support people deeply affected by the Ukraine crisis, as well as to provide opportunities that help them integrate with local communities and increase their chances to find a job.


The Hong Kong Red Cross has allocated over HK$ 6.8 million to provide food, clean water, essential relief items, hygiene materials, emergency cash and support repairs of damaged homes and hospitals in Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria to people displaced and affected by the conflict.


Your donation to support the project of Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis will allow the Hong Kong Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid to those conflict affected families like Kateryna and bring hope to them. We will also support long-term recovery according to humanitarian needs and evolving situations.